Welcome to The APHPT

[A letter to all health professionals from Mike Eisenhart – 1 min 30 sec read]

What would happen if you assembled a group of people who cared so much that they were willing to do the work of change? What would happen if you gave them a platform and some tools, made it easy for them to link together and communicate? What if you made it safe enough to try something new, rewarding to explore, culturally normal to learn by doing and even fun to learn “what not to do” by celebrating small mistakes along the way? Would they find ways to break down silos and cross professional boundaries while slaying a few sacred cows? Would they leverage their unique skills and talents to become a stronger “whole”? Would they find energy in bringing solutions to those who really need them? Would they actually make a difference in their work rather than simply searching to find meaning in the daily grind?

We think so….which is why we are building the first open-source, interdisciplinary collaborative where ALL health-facing professionals can go to learn-from, explore-with and connect-to others who, just like them, are ready to roll up their sleeves to get something done….we are building a legion-of-do, an army of professionals who recognize that the path society is currently traveling does not lead where we want to go and that if we want to thrive it is time for something new, something altogether different.

The Academy of Prevention and Health Promotion Therapies is on a mission to change things, to develop and deliver a fundamentally different way to care.

We hope will take a few minutes to:

Jump in, add to the conversation and contribute your expertise to one of our idea labs. We are doing this, you can too.

Mike Eisenhart

Founder, Director.