A Fundamentally Different Way To Care

You may have read about the Academy of Prevention and Health Promotion Therapies (APHPT) on social media or through word of mouth. You may be wondering, how is the APHPT different from any other PT organization, or any other professional organization in general?

The answer is simple: in every way imaginable.

The APHPT is not another organization focused only on one small niche area of PT practice, sitting in a silo, all alone. We are not interested in continuing to work within the broken, fee for service, sickcare system. We are interested in tackling health and healthcare nationwide, through multiple dimensions including urban design, early childhood interventions, and other multidisciplinary approaches outside the traditional scope of PT practice. Our goal is to continue to become more interprofessional and inclusive of as many different healthcare providers as possible. The only way to tackle the growing problem of chronic disease and early death in our country is to look outside of our traditional interventionist approaches. For example, for every 1% increase in unemployment, the mortality rate increases by approximately 40,000 people globally, and by 1,500 in the United States1. We need to be prepared to address health through these “non-traditional” avenues.

We are a LEGION of DO. Our members are producing products for clinicians to implement around the clock through a system of “idea labs”, using a small team approach of interested members. Our leadership is decentralized, and egalitarian.

True population health.

A Fundamentally Different Way to Care.


  1. Roelfs DJ, Shor E, Davidson KW, Schwartz JE. Losing life and livelihood: A systematic review and meta-analysis of unemployment and all-cause mortality. Soc Sci Med. 2011; 72(6): 840-854.

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