About the Academy

The Academy of Prevention and Health Promotion Therapies is on a mission to change things, to give health back to the populations and communities we serve by investing our efforts heavily in four main areas:


Health equity means helping every individual obtain an equal but not necessarily identical shot at health.


We are a like-minded community of “DO’ERs”, a veritable Legion of Do. We believe that all attempts at taking action towards solving population health bring us all closer to success. We firmly believe in a “Ready, Fire, Aim” mentality that avoids paralysis by analysis.


We believe that “going where the people are” is the best way to create change agents and move the needle of health in our communities, whether it’s in a traditional clinic setting, in the CrossFit gym, with a local running group, or at the workplace. As healthcare providers, we believe in each other as professionals and in growing our knowledge together.


  • We believe that the responsibility of innovators is to create a sustainable framework to support that innovation.


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