Individual Factors

Patrick Berner
Individual Factors, Nutrition Emphasis
Patrick Berner is a doctor of physical therapy, currently practicing in Nevada. With dual degrees in both nutrition (dietetics) and physical therapy, Patrick brings a unique view of the impact lifestyle interventions can have on health. Read more about Patrick by clicking on the picture.
Jeremy Fletcher
Individual Factors Panel
Dr. Jeremy Fletcher, PT, OCS, CSCS is a 2010 graduate of the University of South Alabama's Doctor of Physical Therapy program. Upon graduation, he completed 5 years of active duty Army military service. He served in many environments to include a Brigade Combat Team, Patient Centered Medical Home, and institutional level Health Promotion Teams. He is currently an Assistant Professor at the University of South Alabama and member of the Army Reserve. His interests are in the emerging area of health promotion and behavior change and it's utility to Physical Therapy practice.
Janet Bezner
Individual Factors Panel
Dr. Bezner has been a strong advocate for increasing health promotion efforts in physical therapist practice for most of her career. She is currently on the faculty at Texas State University. She has previously held posts at the American Physical Therapy Association, including Vice President leading the Education and Governance and Administration Units. She earned her PhD is in health education from the University of Texas and is widely regarded for her expertise in health promotion, prevention and wellness.