2017: In search of better

Six months ago a conversation started. Like most conversations, some individuals got really engaged and decided to keep exploring the topic. Not because they had time. Not because it was easy…..but because they believed that there might be a better way to leverage their skills, tools and knowledge toward a different result….Because they cared enough to figure out how and wanted to start NOW.

Since that time these same folks have banded together and have set out on a pioneering journey: to explore and find “the (better) way to live” in hopes to bring it back and spread it to the people who need it most. With representation from 25 states and counting, the members of The Academy of Prevention and Health Promotion Therapies have come together to make an impact…..to take one more step toward the summit.

If you believe as we do that health, when it is nurtured and grown as the asset it is, has the power to change things on the most grand scale, than we invite you to join with us on the journey. We are expecting big things….and so should you.

Happy New Year,

Mike Eisenhart, PT

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