Liaison Networks


The APHPT is committed to fostering strong relationships with key stakeholder groups who share the belief that prevention and health promotion can offer an important solution to the urgent problem of rampant non-communicable disease. Liaison Networks accelerate the implementation of standards by helping the APHPT to understand the unique needs of the external stakeholder community.

Liaison Networks

Liaison Networks will serve as the dedicated conduit between the APHPT and key stakeholder groups. These networks will be led by APHPT member-leaders but, by design will include honorary members who are willing to serve.

educationAcademic Institutions Network (including non-traditional programs & models)




Analytics Network (analysis and reporting professionals)



microscope_1-512Clinical Research Network (researchers and funding institutions)



industryIndustry Partners Network (non-academic institutions interested in APHPT efforts)



industry-electrical-sensor-iconSensors & Technology Network (data collection devices and developers)