Opportunity Vault

Welcome to the Opportunity Vault – APHPT’s micro-lending page. It’s a pretty simple 2 step process: Pledge and then Donate.

Our current open challenges are:

“Mike’s Marathon”

Description: Mike Eisenhart has pledged, to show the power of a 30 day focus on fitness, to run a full marathon (26.2 miles), in less than 4 hours, on less than 30 days of training. Sound a little crazy? It’s what he does. You can support by pledging $25….$5 for each +/-5 miles he makes “on pace”.

“Moore Raw Vegan Please”

Description: Jeff Moore has seen “Mike’s Marathon” and raised him a whole lot of fiber…..pledging to go super clean on the intake and consume only a raw plant-based diet until the Rising Tide Event in September 2018. Want to do it with him? Or….maybe support instead? You can support by pledging $25….$5 for month he makes “in the raw”.


(1) Pledge using the form then

(2) Donate using the button

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