Advisory Panels

The APHPT is building a deep reservoir of influence and expertise by joining some of the very brightest and passionate professionals together in the prevention and health promotion space.  Please click on any of the descriptions below to learn about the members of each sub-team.


Advisory Panels

Advisory Panels are charged to consult with lifespan teams to ensure their particular area of focus has been adequately incorporated into the standards of care and any APHPT content produced. Beyond having a guiding voice, in an effort to keep panels thriving and sustainable into the future, panelists, as consultants to the APHPT will be given free membership, entry to APHPT events and/or an honorarium commensurate with the balance of effort delivered. Advisory panelist appointees are chosen by APHPT leadership based on a multitude of factors beyond knowledge & expertise. If you believe you can contribute in this capacity, please contact an APHPT development officer to be nominated.


Individual Health Factors (Physical Activity, Nutrition, Sleep)




Small Groups & Networks (Resiliency, Health Support Networks)



workforceInstitutions & Defined Populations (Employers & Group Purchasers)




Social Determinants (Built Environment, Equity & Disparities)




Prevention Policy Panel (Legislative, Funding and Global Health)