#PopHLTHchat at 9P ET on 9/27

The Population Health Chat: #PopHLTHchat

When: Wednesday, September 27, 2017 at 9:00pm EST

Where: Twitter, #PopHLTHchat

What: The Core 4: Equity

Get ready for a series of 4 upcoming Tweet Chats discussing the APHPT’s 4 core values: Equity, Action, Authentic Connections, and Sustainability. The first in this series will focus on EQUITY. The chat will last 1 hour and will be moderated by the APHPT twitter account (@TheAPHPT). There will be 4 questions presented throughout the hour, and you will have the chance to respond and connect with others engaged in the chat. Following the duration of the chat, you can feel free to continue using #PopHLTHchat to stay connected and link related content and thoughts. This Tweet Chat is meant to spark conversation, facilitate idea-sharing, and get us all thinking more broadly and practically about what it means to be a prevention and health promotion provider, so please be respectful of all viewpoints shared throughout the duration of the chat. We look forward to engaging with you all soon.

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