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Why Health-Facing Practice?

If you’re a clinic owner and reading along you likely fall into one of two categories.  You either personally want to begin practicing in a health facing manner or you want to begin converting your existing model into a (health facing) prevention and health promotion practice.  Although each approach requires its own unique path,

  • both can create a much-needed ripple in the sea of chronic disease,
  • both can provide a better healthcare experience at a lower cost and
  • both are familiar to The APHPT Practice Consulting Team.

Whether you are looking to create a sense of community within your clinic patient population or looking to be regarded as the expert in your community in helping employers and organizations keep their populations healthy, APHPT consulting can help you achieve your practice desires and goals.

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The Frustrating Status Quo

As professionals we know this frustrating scenario all too well:  

The 42 year old woman with the knee pain that just doesn’t get completely better.  The 53 year old man with twice a year debilitating low back pain despite his relatively active lifestyle or the older adult whose dizziness cannot seem to resolve because of the multiple medications she is taking.

The manifestation of this frustration by clinicians is seen in various ways: burnout, intolerance to documentation, defeatism as it relates to payment, or a perpetual search for additional continuing education in an effort to find a treatment or evaluation technique that could help.  Sadly, some may even feel a lack of connection to the very profession they serve.

The frustration lies not in a lack of knowledge by the clinician as much as in the difficulty working in a system that is not designed to help the client to succeed beyond baseline function. We know that most clients value health and well-being and we are happy that choosing between stopping care before that goal is met or not being fairly paid is no longer a choice that needs to be made.

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Whether you are an individual trying to practice at the top of your licence (and thus “own” your practice) or the lead of a group who are ready to make-the-switch from traditional practice to one which faces health, The APHPT Consulting Team is ready to be your support.

We know that the ripple created will be much larger if we work to build the community of providers in this space…..and we are ready to help you.  

A member of our consulting division will follow up with you regarding your inquiry and be available to answer any initial questions you may have.