Our Teams

The APHPT has a number of interconnected sub-teams made up of members and contributors working to define, develop and test standards of care for Prevention and Health Promotion Therapists across the lifespan. Please click on any of the descriptions below to learn about the members of each sub-team.

Lifespan Teams

Lifespan Teams are charged to compile evidence and make recommendations toward a standard of care for the age ranges they are studying and produce and curate content that can be shared with APHPT members. Beyond having a voice during important discussions, in an effort to keep teams thriving and sustainable into the future, team appointees, as consultants to the APHPT will share in any proceeds and future gains realized from their contributions. Teams are limited in size to minimize administrative difficulties, but if you are interested in joining and feel you can contribute, please contact a current member of the team or an APHPT development officer.

earlychild Healthy Development Team (Birth to 10 years)




Healthy Childhood Team (11 to 17 years)




Early Work/Life Team (18 to 44 years)




Pre-Retirement Team (45 to 64 years)




Healthy Aging Team (65+ years)