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The next cohort for the APHPT Intro Course begins April 29th. Reach out via the form below with any questions. Becoming a yearly member of APHPT before signing up for the intro course allows you for a reduced price to take it.

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Introductory Course

Zooming out, thinking upstream, and developing a fundamentally different way to care

Unit 1

A Glass Bottom Boat

In a world of competition, unit one looks to dive into the concept of the blue ocean. The opportunities upstream as you move further away from tertiary care are endless. If you're tired of talking about declining reimbursement, this first unit may just inspire you to see the vast opportunity that is out there.

Pathway Project 

Zooming out to Zoom in

Alongside unit two, the pathway project allows you to reverse engineer your own clinic to environment path in any population or case you'd like. It forces you to think at the micro and macro level to find upstream changes that could be made to help the people in front of us.

Unit 2

Swimming Upstream

"Getting upstream" is an often cliché phrase. What does it actually look like? Unit two takes you from the clinic, looking at someone with tendonitis, and reverse engineers how that person got to you in the first place. Utilizing the five elements it paints the picture that health starts well before the clinic.

Unit 3

Organizing Systems

It is one thing to now understand how getting upstream at an individual level can be helpful but another to organize a system for an entire population. Unit three looks to empower to find frameworks to create just that whether it be at the employer level, non-profit, or other population density scale.

Course Time Demands

We know that time is precious, that's why the introductory course is laid out as a hybrid course. It allows for some small group interaction with significant time for asynchronous learning. Although total time allotted for the course is 12 weeks. The first six is when the live meetings occur, the second six weeks is for time to complete the asynchronous assignments. Currently this approved for 15 CEU's by the state of Georgia. Please check your local state requirements. Documentation can be provided to submit to them for CEU's for your own state.

Three Live Workshops

Small group zoom meeting to discuss the unit videos provided along with group forum discussions.

Six and Six 

Two weeks for each initial unit video followed by six weeks of time for students to complete all asynchronous work.

Utilize Workplace

A desktop and mobile app login will be provided where all course work and discussions will be held.


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